Zanata CLI Installation

NOTE: You will need to install Credentials Binding Plugin to use this option.

Global Configuration
  • Go to 'Manage Jenkins'
  • Go to 'Global Tool Configuration' (For Jenkins 1.6.x, tools configuration is under 'Configure System')
  • Scroll down until you find 'Zanata CLI', then click on 'Zanata CLI installations'
  • Click 'Add Zanata CLI' to open up an installer
    • Check 'Install automatically' if applicable
    • Input a version for the Zanata CLI you want to install. The version will become part of the tool name.
    • Change the 'Download URL for binary archive' and 'Subdirectory of extracted archive' according to the version you want to install (note: Subdirectory must match what's in the zip/tar.gz. You should only need to change the version number in the template)
  • Repeat previous step if you want to install multiple version of Zanata CLI
  • Click 'Save'
    Global Zanata CLI Installation Configuration
Individual Job Configuration

Under 'Build Environment' section:

  • Check 'Install Zanata CLI' then in its opened configuration
    • Click 'Add Tool'
    • Select the CLI from the dropdown in 'Zanata CLI selection'
    • Optionally check 'Convert #CLIName_HOME variables to the upper-case'
  • Check 'Use secret text(s) or file(s)' (from Credentials Binding Plugin) then
    • Select 'Username and password (separated)' from the 'Add' dropdown
    • Input a username variable name for Zanata username
    • Input a password variable name for Zanata API key
    • Select the Zanata credential
      Install Zanata CLI for a job

Use the installed CLI in build

Choose another build step Zanata Sync via CLI

NOTE: You still need to do normal git push in a post build step