Alternative build step (still in development)

From Yu Shao

Global configuration
  • Go to 'Manage Jenkins'
  • Go to 'Configure System'
  • Scroll down to find 'Zanata cli script template'

There are two fields under 'Zanata cli script template'. Each of them contains a script template to use in your job.

Things to note

The default script templates expect the following:

  • zanata username to be provided in an environment variable 'ZANATA_USERNAME', and zanata API key provided in environment variable 'ZANATA_APIKEY'.
  • zanata-cli is on PATH

See CLI installation for how to install CLI and how to bind Zanata credentials to environment variables.

Job configuration
  • Configure your build by selecting 'Zanata Sync via CLI' to use the pre-entered script template
  • Select Zanata credentials from the dropdown and it will automatically expose ZANATA_USERNAME and ZANATA_APIKEY to environment variables
  • Fill in 'Extra PATH entries' with the installed Zanata CLI location (e.g. cli_name_HOME/bin)

Configure the sync details using one of the two sync actions in the plugin. The first pushes the English source file(s) to the Zanata server defined in the zanata.xml file in the source repo property directories. The second involves committing the finished translation files from Zanata to the original Git repository.

Both types of sync run the default shell scripts. You can customize the shell scripts and the two sync actions according to your build needs by enabling or disabling them.

Example configuration:

Example configuration